Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Fort: Joplin School District voters have great choices

(The following message was posted by Joplin R-8 Board of Education member Debbie Fort on her Debbie Fort for Joplin School Board Facebook page this morning.)

Two years ago you voted for change when you elected me. Your voice was heard when you elected Jeff Koch and Jennifer Martucci last year. TODAY you have an opportunity to elect representatives that will lead Joplin Schools into the future.

We have important decisions to make. This board will choose our new Superintendent. If you believe I have listened to you and represented your desires, then I ask that you vote for Lori Musser and Jennifer Martucci. They will best accomplish what you want for all Joplin students.

You have great choices for the other two positions. Chris Sloan has earned the trust and support of the Joplin staff. Melissa Rogers has demonstrated fiscal responsibility. Ultimately I am grateful for all the candidates who are willing to give their time for our students.

Please take time to vote today, April 5th and THANK YOU for all your support the last two years.

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