Thursday, April 14, 2016

Seibert: There was nothing wrong with how Wallace-Bajjali was selected

As the fifth anniversary of the Joplin Tornado nears, a concerted effort is taking place to rewrite history.

Though state audits, the Loraine Report and my book, Silver Lining in a Funnel Cloud, have shown clearly that steps were taken to pave the way for Wallace Bajjali to come in to Joplin, creating the unnecessary position of master developer, making sure that Texas conman David Wallace's firm was hired for that position.

That wasn't the case, Joplin Mayor Michael Seibert said in an interview published in the latest edition of Joplin Regional Business Journal. Responding to a question on what his biggest disappointment has been, Seibert responded as follows:

I think obviously there is a lot of disappointment with what we had hoped to accomplish with the master developer. It didn't turn out as we had envisioned it, but we learned a lot of lessons out of that.

We were trying to make decisions in the middle of a disaster and we made the best ones we could make in that kind of situation.

There was nothing nefarious about who was picked or how the process happened. The fact is we were able to receive a lot of money from the master developer's efforts on our behalf. The reality is we secured about $50 million and it will be shown in progress over the next few years.

That same revisionist view of recent Joplin history will be on view for the nation next month when many of the same people who made numerous mistakes, including the Wallace-Bajjali fiasco, will be those who will be taking a victory lap next month, telling the national media how their wisdom led Joplin out of the wilderness and on the road to recovery.


Anonymous said...

This is pitiful, he also doesnt know anyone more honest than Woolston. The school board is fixed now we need to get the city council fixed. Ugh

Anonymous said...

We just accidentally hitched our turnip cart to a bunch of fraudsters but they talked a good game!

I mean, when a landlord rents an apartment or a house to a tenant, it's not like they do a background and criminal or litigation check first.

Next thing you know, this whiners will be telling us we need to do background checks on police officers before we hire them.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to GO and the people should be electing the mayor, not the council.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty obvious that David Wallace and Costa Bajjali were two crooks ready to grab money for their lavish lifestyles. They are worthless business men. They have no idea what they're doing. Hiring them was like writing a check to two crooks who were never going to pay you back.... stupid!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Stupid politicians. Wallace is total pig. Money is his best friend. The new wife will stick around as long as he keeps clawing his way into others wallets. Why not go after her wallet? Oh wait. She's a loser just like her man.