Friday, April 15, 2016

$1 million for Greitens, but more than $600K from out-of-state sources

Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens cracked the one million dollar barrier with his first quarter fundraising, but more than 60 percent of his money came from out-of-state sources.

Greitens' financial disclosure report, filed Friday with the Missouri Ethics Commission, showed $1,015,988,85 in contributions, with $654,380 coming from outside of Missouri's borders.

Greitens' contributors included bankers, hedge fund owners and venture capitalists, as well as a few notable names.

Chicago Cubs owner Marlene Ricketts contributed $25,000. Ricketts is the wife of T. D. Ameritrade owner Joe Ricketts.

Linda McMahon, head of McMahon ventures (and wife of WWE front man Vince McMahon) contributed $10,000.

One of the larger contributors was Michigan Republican Party chairman Ronald Weiser, who gave $50,000. Weiser was ambassador to Slovakia during the George W. Bush Administration and was one of the primary architects of Michigan right-to-work legislation.


Anonymous said...

Once I read about Greitens refusal to deploy as a Navy SEAL when he had the opportunity to do so I dropped him from consideration as a candidate.

Chris Seufert said...

Don't believe everything you read. Greitens did everything his country asked and more.