Friday, April 01, 2016

Gaarder: We will get the FEMA money, district has been well managed

Joplin R-8 residents have nothing to worry about as far as the school district's finances are concerned.

Mary Gaarder, a candidate for a three-year position on the Board of Education told KZRG Thursday that the FEMA money is coming and that the district has been well managed.

"Paul Barr, our financial director, has done a wonderful job," Gaarder said. As far as speculation about not having "errors and omissions' reimbursed by the federal government, she added, "He gave a worst case scenario of what would happen if we don't get that money, but it seems to me we are going to get that money.

"There was a lot of talk- you know, oh my gosh, our reserves are down so far, but all those reserves have come back."

The reserves are not only back, Gaarder said, but they are better than the reserves in some of the surrounding districts.

Despite the returning reserves and a district that Gaarder said had been well managed, the retired teacher suggested that adult community education might have to be sacrificed for financial reasons.

"Community education is a wonderful thing. I have no doubt that many people have been enriched by it. They're great classes, etc. But that is not our laser focus. Our laser focus is K-12.

"Now if we had enough money to run that- great, but we've lost over $100,000 in the last three years and let's look at where we need our money."

Gaarder indicated the money that would be saved by eliminating community education could be used to get raises for teachers. "We've got to retain our good teachers. Community education might be a place where money can be found."

KZRG's complete interview with Mary Gaarder can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

Another vote for Martucci, Musser, and Sloan.

Anonymous said...

Huffet puppett

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turner, do you think that you write a post specifically outlining which candidates are not a part of the Huff-style of school administration?

I have done my best to keep up on these events, but I still find myself somewhat flummoxed about whom I should vote.

I realize that you may not want to "endorse", but as I said, an outline of the candidates administration style and/or hints as to how they would lead and vote would be greatly beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Another Hopium Smoker.

Send her back to Panera.

Anonymous said...

So Ms. Gaarder wants to ax the adult education program because it cost the same amount as changing the color of the gym seats. Yeah, she has her priorities straight. And if any of that money translates into teacher raises, I'll eat my hat.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gaarder is this year's version of Anne Sharp. She will believe whatever her beloved CJ will tell her to believe and nothing else. Please don't do this to our kids. They deserve so much more than a return to the debacle of the previous administration and Board. Vote Martucci, Musser, and Sloan so our kids can continue to grow and teachers will stay in the community. We need to keep the momentum going. Don't stop now, Joplin!