Monday, November 25, 2019

Probable cause: Webb City teacher touched boy's testicles under his clothing

A probable cause statement filed in Jasper County Circuit Court indicates Webb City Junior High School teacher Nicholas Popejoy touched a boy's testicles under his clothing November 15.

Popejoy, 28, Arma, Kansas, who faces a felony statutory sodomy charge, was placed on leave that day and the Webb City Police Department began its investigation.

Popejoy, who teaches math and science and is in his sixth year in the R-7 School District, was arrested Friday at the school when he stopped to pick up his belongings and is being held in the Jasper County Jail on a $100,000 cash-only bond.

Court records indicate Popejoy is being represented by Springfield attorney Teresa Lynn Grantham.

His arraignment was scheduled for 12:30 p.m. today in Jasper County Circuit Court. This post will be updated to reflect the results.


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Anonymous said...

It saddens me that you choose to publish the graphic details. It is a matter of public record, however, does it need to be in a blog. The victim is a junior high kid. Does he need for the details to be published? You have lost your heart for people. Seriously, read your headline. You know the culture of the junior high kids.

Anonymous said...

As sickening as it is, yes it does need to be described.

Maybe if enough dirty details were given in ALL these child abuse cases, voters would finally demand lawmakers, judges and prosecutors make the consequences much harsher.

Anonymous said...

At the cost of the victim?

Anonymous said...

Unless I am wrong, the victim's name has not been published (nor should it be). As others have said, maybe if these people were shamed to an appropriate level, this kind of behavior would be less commonplace. Also as others have stated, this information is public knowledge. I also doubt this blog gets the traffic of the Globe or other sources. The victim likely has never heard of Randy Turner.