Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Springfield mayor issues emergency stay-at-home order

(From the City of Springfield)

Springfield Mayor Ken McClure and Greene County Presiding Commissioner Bob Dixon– in consultation with Health Department Director Clay Goddard and health care system partners - issued a “Stay at Home” Order, requiring Springfieldians to stay at home except for “essential activities” as our community continues working to slow the spread of COVID-19. Grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, health care facilities and government services are examples of those which will remain open. View Greene County’s Stay at Home Order here.

Under the emergency authority granted to the Mayor by City Code Sec. 78.132, McClure announced a second proclamation of civil emergency. The “Stay-At-Home Order” will take effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday, March 26, 2020 and is set to expire in 30 days.

“As community spread of COVID-19 continues throughout our region, we are taking aggressive action to flatten the curve and protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. We are asking our entire community to unite to prevent the spread of this virus and appreciate everyone’s cooperation during this time,” McClure said.

The order requires Springfieldians to stay at home except for “essential activities” as our community continues working to slow the spread of COVID-19. Springfield residents should stay home unless they are engaged in one of the essential activities specified in the order, the Mayor said.

Essential activities include working in an essential business, obtaining supplies or necessary services, seeking medical care, caring for a family member or loved one, and exercising and maintaining personal health. Individuals are strongly encouraged to practice physical distancing to the extent feasible while engaging in these activities, and to stay home if not engaging in one of these specific activities.

“I have given thoughtful consideration to all of the intricacies of a Stay-At-Home order and after extensive review, it is my belief that the order, requiring us all to stay home, is the right thing to do, right now. We must stay the course and follow the direction of our respected Health Director and listen to the warnings and the wisdom of the medical leaders who have strongly encouraged these types of action,” McClure said.

“I understand the financial and emotional toll this virus has taken on our families and businesses, and we are working hard to create every opportunity possible to ease some of this financial burden.

But what’s really at stake here are people’s lives. Our lives. Our kids’ lives. There’s not a perfect line that rims the City of Springfield city limits. How we serve our entire region, especially the health care that’s provided in our community reaches far beyond our city borders.”

McClure expressed gratitude for the Greene County Commission and Christian County Commission. Greene County’s Order is similar to Springfield’s and Christian County plans to vote on yet another similar ordinance Wednesday.

The order first limits what individuals can do to continue essential activities, which include working at essential businesses, going to pharmacies, getting gas, and physical caring for others.

It also defines a series of essential businesses, which are those that will be allowed to continue to operate. Nonessential businesses can continue minimal activities and must follow physical distancing requirements while they do that.

In general, the essential services are ones that people need to continue with any kind of safety and sanitation in their homes; groceries, gas, hardware stores, construction, vehicle repair and supply stores. essential functions that will keep a basic functionality within the City.

For purposes of this order, permissible “essential activities” means:
To engage in activities or perform tasks essential to their health and safety, or to the health and safety of their family and close personal acquaintances, such as, by way of example only and without limitation, obtaining medical supplies or medication, visiting a health care professional, or obtaining supplies they need to work from home;

To obtain necessary services or supplies for themselves and their family or household members, or close personal acquaintances, or to deliver those services or supplies to others, including food and household consumer products, and products necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences;

To assist in the preparation of food and drink for delivery and carry out, or to pick up food or drink for carry out.

To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with physical distancing guidance, by way of example and without limitation, walking, biking, hiking, or running;

To perform work providing essential products and services at an essential business or to otherwise carry out activities specifically permitted in this order;

To care for a family member, close personal acquaintance, or pet in another household.

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