Saturday, September 09, 2023

Change of venue moves Newton County auditor's lawsuit against county assessor to Barry County

The trial of the lawsuit filed by Newton County Auditor Matt Major against County Assessor Cheryle Perkins will be held in Barry County after Judge David Cole granted a change of venue August 29.

Cole ordered both sides to provide a list of dates through November 2024 for a three-day trial.

In his lawsuit, Major claims Perkins brought charges against him for crimes he did not commit and lied about him in an effort to sabotage his campaign and character.

After Major was successful in winning the Republican primary (no Democrats filed for the office) August 2, the charges against him were dismissed, only 11 days before the trial was scheduled to begin.

Complete details on the lawsuit can be found at this link.


Anonymous said...

Locking up Republicans is now acceptable sport.

Dont do the crime if you cant do the time said...

Yall were pickin and grinnin like the banjo player in Deliverance when your Mango Man was leading the Lock Her Up chants in 2016.

Now the boot is fixing to be somewhere else.

Deservedly so.

And you are squeelin.


Anonymous said...

Well aren't Matt Major and Cheryle Perkins both Republicans?

Also this is a civil lawsuit so there's no locking up unless someone gets out of control and the judge has had enough and locks them up for contempt.

Just another typical wingnut talking point fact free comment left here instead of in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

The republican cult (maga), is beginning to fracture as such outstanding leaders such as geatz, marg taylor, and boobert, find their voices of intellectual reasoning that leave us all wondering: could any elected official actually be this stupid with the blessing of an even stupider electorate from which they came? Newton County unfortunately fits the same profile.

Anonymous said...

There must be more to this soap opera than is being published. The voters can only hope that the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Newton County needs a grand jury. At the very least an attorney General investigation. This incident, the 3 lawsuits with the two current commissioners. What is going on we don't know about?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the possibility of compromising photos are part of this equation. Sure seems like a real cat fight.