Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Webb City man charged with domestic assault after allegedly punching woman, bouncing her head off sidewalk


The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed two felony counts of domestic assault against a Webb City man who allegedly beat his former spouse Saturday.

According to the probable cause statement, Barry Richard Thurlo (DOB 1971), the ex-wife had "multiple visible knots on her head, marks on the left cheek, red marks around her neck and a bloodshot eye."

From the statement:

(She) advised that her ex-spouse, Barry R. Thurlo knocked her to the ground and fastened his hands around her neck resulting in red marks. Thurlo then punched (her) in the head resulting in (her) head bouncing off the sidewalk, which caused the two visible head injuries.

 Bond for Thurlo was set at $5,000 surety or $1,000 cash.

The case was investigated by the Webb City Police Department.


Anonymous said...

$1000 bond for nearly killing her? Her head got bounced off a sidewalk… could’ve caused so much head trauma or even death…

Anonymous said...

Wake Up - Jasper and Newton County Voters - Stop Electing and Excepting POOR Leadership in our Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys...

We have got to Start Putting a Stop to this Violence - - By getting Tough on Crime.

Barry Richard Thurlo - Should not have been allowed to Bond Out of Jail for Less than $25,000 - Including a Protection Order / No - Contact and even a Monitoring Device and House Arrest - - Plus his Punk Face Should have been shown the Sidewalk a Few Times - - To Show Him How it Feels - - To Bad we are so PC (Political Correct in America) This Guy needs the Crap Kicked Out of Him... I Hope that he gets a Prison Sentence so they can Educate Barry about Hitting Women... Of Course - the Local Judges and Prosecuting will Probably give him a Slap on the Wrist and Let him Out to do this again to his Ex-Wife or the Next Woman he gets Involved with -

These Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys in Jasper and Newton Counties are SPINELESS - They all Owe so Much to the Defense Attorneys - and their Backroom Deals and Get Out of Jail Free Cards and for Covering Each Other's Backside.

Next Time Look At - Who is Donating to these Judges and Prosecuting Attorneys Election Funds - You Will Find Out that the Majority of Money Comes for the Local Defense Attorneys - SURPRISE - SURPRISE - SURPRISE - -

Stop Feeling Sorry for the Criminals and Start Feeling Sorry for the Victims.

Anonymous said...

They tell us what we want to hear. Then do what they want once in office.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she won't be stupid enough to take him back and will go to court to press charges against him. I have no sympathy for anyone who stays in an abusive relationship. There are no excuses. There are too many facilities and organizations that will help you get away from these type of situations.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know how people can’t see this it’s right there