Wednesday, August 16, 2006

News Leader columnist: Remind students of their freedoms

Springfield News-Leader columnist Sarah Overstreet weighed in today on the subject of student drug testing, something which is happening in more and more southwest Missouri schools.
Though she understands the reasoning behind these policies, she points out:

Most of the Branson kids our reporter questioned about the new policy didn't object to it. If the school — and its neighbors in Hollister, Ava, Logan-Rogersville, Reeds Spring, Billings, Bolivar, Bradleyville, Marshfield, Sparta and others — is so keen on making policies, here's one I wish they'd make:

While handing out urine cups (at $20,000 a year), require a civics review course to remind students of the invasions of privacy the British put up with, leading them to come here and start this nation.

When we continue to resort to invasions of civil liberties to accomplish goals such as fighting the war on terrorism and society's drug problem, we are taking the risk of removing the freedoms that make America the great nation it is.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

We will only lose the freedoms we are willing to give up. Right now the American people are willing to roll over and play dead on most any issue. If its all done in the name of Homeland Security, then it must be good. Unbelievable.