Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Felony sex charges filed against members of McDonald County religious sect

Sex crimes, some dating back nearly three decades, others as recent as 2004, were alleged by McDonald County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Geeding in charges filed today in McDonald County Circuit Court.
Rev. Raymond Lambert, his wife Patricia, and her brothers (and his stepbrothers) Paul Epling and Tom Epling were charged, according to court records on file at case.net.
Lambert, 51, 589 Cecil Epling Lane, Washburn, was charged with one count of first degree child molestation, four counts of second degree child molestation and three counts of second degree statutory sodomy. One child molestation and one statutory sodomy charge are from 1995, the first degree child molestation from 2000 with two more charges from 2001, one from 2002 and two from 2004.
Mrs. Lambert, 49, faces two charges, both stemming from April 3, 2004- child molestation in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child in a ritual/ceremony.
Paul Epling, 53, 362 Cecil Epling Way, Washburn, faces seven charges, none more recent than 1983, according to the court documents. He was charged with first degree statutory rape, sexual intercourse with a person less than 14 years old, which allegedly took place Nov. 7, 1978; statutory sodomy, first degree, deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14 years old, July 15, 1978; followed by the same charge for offenses that allegedly took place on the same day each of the following four years. On the fifth year, on the same date, July 15, 1983, Epling allegedly committed first degree statutory rape.
Tom Epling, 51, 584 Cecil Epling Way, Washburn, faces five counts of first degree statutory sodomy, all taking place on July 15, beginning with 1978, then occurring in each succeeding year through 1982.
The area in which they live, Cecil Epling Way, is named after Tom Epling, Paul Epling, and Patricia Lambert's father, and Raymond Lambert's stepfather, Cecil Epling, who died several years ago. Mr. Epling was reputed to be a leader with a cultlike following which has reportedly stayed together in the Washburn area even after his death.



Anonymous said...

These are some sick people. I lived around that area for several years and the entire community knew about them. There has always been suspicions of sexual inappropriateness with minors. The place IS A CULT. Not only do they behave in a cultlike fashion, THEY ARE a bonafide cult. The place needs SHUT DOWN. they are sick. Even after the four charged are convicted, there are two other brothers not mentioned in any of the allegations. They will continue on with their "gospel" until more innocent children are hurt forever by this hell hole. Please help support those who were hurt and victimized by being at McDonald County Courthouse on Monday, August 21st to watch these Moe Foe's go down in a blaze of justice.

Anonymous said...

With Geeding at the helm I seriously doubt any of them will go down.