Sunday, January 01, 2006

Globe website now has New Year's baby story

All right, so the New Year's baby is not the biggest scoop that a publication has ever landed, but the Daily did beat the Globe to it and managed to mention that the baby was born to a couple from Goodman. The address remained conspicuously out of the Globe's article, written by veteran reporter Nammi Bhagvandoss. Ms. Bhagvandoss also had a list of other babies that were born and their parents, but again, no hometowns were provided.
The photos are also already posted on the Daily's website. The Globe mentions a photograph in the story, but most likely that will not be posted until about 6 a.m.

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A local journalist said...

No offense, Randy, but speaking as a casual outside observer (and regular reader of the Turner Report), I would hate to see you become a shill for over the Globe. I think you do local journalism a service by holding the Globe's feet to the fire, but it cuts both ways, and you'll need to find it within yourself not to sound like you're cheering for one over the other. Your credibility is at stake.