Monday, May 08, 2006

First fast food drive-through may have been in Springfield

A Knight-Ridder column posted today says the first fast-food, drive-through window may have been in Springfield.
According to the article written by Jeff Elder:

"Where was the first fast-food drive-through? That's a little tougher to nail down. Some say Sheldon "Red" Chaney - a man of true genius - dreamed this up. In 1947 he opened Red's Giant Hamburgs Route 66 in Springfield, Mo.
"Why'd he call it Red's giant Hamburgs? Supposedly he measured the sign wrong and ran outta room. Genius.
"At Red's you drove up to the window and yelled your order into it. Inside, the ceiling was painted blue and the floors painted green, so people who dined in would feel like they were on a picnic. Genius."

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RSmith said...

I ate at Red's several times. I think the hut is still there on West Chestnut - there used to be an old broken down '56 Buick out front. The food was grease upon grease, delicious.