Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hunter opponent receives 43 words in Globe

Pick up a phone and call the man.
That was all the Joplin Globe had to do to get a relevant political story for its readers, but Globe editors elected to whittle down a news release on the announcement that Air Force veteran Michael Emery is challenging incumbent Rep. Steve Hunter.
In a political season where the amount of influence held by lobbyists has become the number one issue, Emery's candidacy stands out because he is making it his number one issue, and he is facing a legislator who annually ranks among the top two or three representatives in accepting lobbyists' gifts.
Hunter is also a paid employee of the lobbying organization, Associated Industries of Missouri and annually introduces legislation desired by his employer.
The Globe has touched on Hunter's problems in the past, but always in a hit-and-run fashion.
In the case of Emery's candidacy, the Globe also appears to be missing a local trend: He is the second candidate this week who has launched an independent candidacy against a firmly-entrenched incumbent, following in the footsteps of social worker Kim Wright, who plans to run against Sen. Gary Nodler. Some may consider these candidacies quixotic, but they do represent a growing dissatisfaction with our elected officials and with a campaign finance system that virtually serves as a full-employment plan for incumbents.


Anonymous said...

So what ever happened to democrat Steve Daniels who FILED against Hnter in early March, the time-period when most legimate candidates file? So this guy,at a tv station sitting on the side waiting for someone to challenge Hunter, didn't even investigate the particulars of the race he entered. This is the half-baked logic of someone who wants to represent a group of people? Sorry. I'd rather Mad dog Martin Lindstat take up the torch--at least he knew the system.

Anonymous said...

So, in your opinion, a legitimate candidate is only someone who goes to the state and pays $50 to get on the ballot? What about that makes them legitmate? I would think that someone who goes out and gathers support from the people to get on the ballot has more legitimacy then someone shelling out money.

Also I would like to know if you have even talked to Mr. Emery. How do you know that he did not "investigate the particulars of the race" as you put it? I would wager that you haven't spoken to Mr. Emery, or even taken a moment to look at his website. I, on the other hand, have spoken with and met him in person. Yes, he does work at a television station, but is not someone who is in front of the camera. Mr. Emery has a sincere desire to help the people of the district, and has given a great deal of thought to his campaign.

Did you know that he is not accepting any financial donations whatsoever to his campaign? He is currently working three jobs in order to fund his campaign. Every cent is coming out of his pocket. How many other candidates for any office can say that? Mr. Emery has also declared that he will never accept anything at all, not even something as small as a cup of coffee from any lobbyiest. The lobbyiest that work within our statre and federal government have entirely to much influence over our legislators, not only Mr. Hunter.

In my opinion, Mr. Emery has some fine qualities that our legislators could emmulate. He is a 9 year military veteran. He served in Desert Storm and Bosnia among other places. His family tree is lined with farmers. He does not come from a wealthy family and has first hand knowledge and experience in dealing with many of the problems faced today by the average person. Problems such as not having health insurance, wondering if there will be enough money at the end of the week to pay the electric bill or have gas to simply go to work.

It's my understanding that Mr. Hunter has been heard saying that he didn't feel he was paid enough for the job he was doing as our representative. If you look at the public records which divulge the pay rates of every single employee paid by the State of Missouri, Mr. Hunter earns a salary of $31,351 per year. Now, legislators also receive funds for travel back and forth between the district and Jefferson City, as well as per diem for the time they are in Jefferson City. Now if you consider that the average salary for SW Missouri is $30,555, Mr. Hunter is already making more than his average constituent.

As for Mr. Daniels, I have never heard anything at all about his filing. Not to be rude, but if indeed he has filed, this is a campaign. It's his responsibility to get word about himself and his campaign out to the public.

Might I suggest that you do a little research yourself about Mr. Emery before calling his ideas half-baked, or his candidacy illegimate.