Sunday, May 07, 2006

Joplin Globe investigates Nodler

What can the Joplin Globe expect now that it has turned its investigative reporter Max McCoy loose to examine the growing power of State Senator Gary Nodler?
Perhaps their experience will be different from mine, since the Globe is a powerful, well-financed media outlet, and is part of one of the largest newspaper chains in the United States, but if my experience is any indication, these things will happen:
-Nodler will find some forum through which to launch an attack on the Globe since it is far easier to blame the media than it has to answer embarrassing questions raised by reporters.
-Nodler surrogates will anonymously flood the comment section to the Globe's articles, picking some minor point, taking it out of context, and making it appear as if the Globe has some vendetta against Nodler.
-Max McCoy will be personally attacked, with claims of bias coming from the Nodler camp since McCoy, as is noted in the Globe article, was the reporter who wrote the story about the senator's movie meltdown last year.
-Somehow, somewhere, it is certain the charge of "liberal media bias," will be bandied about, and there will be those people who see that and will immediately sympathize with Nodler, though there won't be the slightest bit of evidence to back up that charge.
Part one of the Globe's three-part series makes for fascinating reading, and hopefully is building up to something a little more in depth on Monday and Tuesday. This blog has been examining Sen. Nodler's money trail for the last couple of years, so if you need a little more background on the subject, you might try the following links:

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The Ghost of Jim Wolfe said...

What's the point?

Score round one of the Globe v. Nodler battle of the titans to the senator.

Nodler is an unsavory character. That point has been made.

The first installment of McCoy’s series did little to change or further that perception. He failed to telegraph the importance of his series other than to suggest it will serve as a laundry list of why the Globe thinks voters should have a problem with Nodler.

Nodler declined an interview for the series but was the only voice in the story with a coherent argument.

At an event in Webb City, "Nodler complained that the Globe had failed to report that three bills he sponsored had passed the Senate, commenting, 'It was a little too much like real news for The Joplin Globe.'”....

"Nodler said: 'It is unfortunate that our community is denied access to that (legislative) news. I’d like to know why the Globe doesn’t cover significant information that affects all of our citizens.'"

The Globe believes that interns and college students, supplemented by these “drive-by” reports designed to win awards, serve as the best watchdogs of state government. The Globe is failing to be the voice of southwest Missouri in Jefferson City.

Who will step beyond these easy stories and address the long-term crisis being created by the extravagant spending? Who will challenge Nodler and the Republicans for trading away the state’s future tax-base in the name of economic development? Who will challenge the Democrats for using handouts to build their power and drain the treasury?

Is there a newspaper with an independent voice left in this state?

Anonymous said...

Nodler is a blabbering idiot who is slowly losing the support of his faitful voters. Be careful Nodler, you're starting to burn to many bridges behind you and this will be evident in the next election.

Speaking of next election, when is Nodler up for reelection? Who will be running against him? This former republican may just have to switch partys.......hopefully there is someone good on the ballott.

Randy said...

Nodler's next election is this year and he is unopposed in the primary and general elections. This will be his last campaign for state senate due to term limits.

Trent Walker said...

I have never cared for Gary Nodler since his days in Washington. I am really not sure how he got elected to the state senate in the first place. There were others that were much more qualified to hold that office than him.

What irritates me most as I read today's Globe article was the fact that Mr. Nodler declined to answer the questions put to him by the Globe reporter. He should have been willing to sit down and answer these questions so the people of Jasper, Newton and Dade counties, whom he works for, can really see what his thoughts are regarding campaign finance.

He, though, did not think enough of his employers to take a few minutes to answers some straightforward questions. He is just another example of what happens to most politicians after just a couple of years in office. It goes to their heads and they forget who they are there to represent.

I wish someone had filed against Nodler for this election. Thankfully, he will be out after his next term which will free him up for his next career as a lobbyist.