Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Teen blog details internship for governor, lobbying firm

Fired Up Missouri had a fascinating post Tuesday about a Chillicothe teen who worked as an intern for Governor Matt Blunt and for his old House of Representatives buddy, lobbyist Jewell Patek last summer.
The post is based on a reading of the teen's MySpace blog, which features her odes to drinking and cursing.
After reading it, I am left with two questions:

1. Don't the governor and Patek realize how bad this connection between the state's top elected official and a lobbyist looks?

2. If they are going to offer internships, couldn't they have found someone more deserving than this foulmouthed airhead?

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Anonymous said...

Is this the person running against NOdler? Seems to me that anymore independent is just another name for democrat.