Thursday, January 25, 2007

Times editorial: Explanation needed for dismissal of federal prosecutors

An editorial in today's New York Times demands that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales provide an explanation as to why seven U. S. prosecutors, including an Arkansas-based prosecutor were removed. So far, Gonzales has refused to give any reasons and has just indicated the prosecutors will be replaced by good people:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is refusing to provide Congress with details on these unmerited dismissals. He insists that there's no attempt to quash fresh Republican scandals and says only the "very best" will be named as replacements. We are skeptical, especially since the White House's reported choice to replace Little Rock’s federal attorney is a Republican operative close to Karl Rove. Congress must demand a clear explanation from Mr. Gonzales and the White House on why these prosecutors are being ousted.

Among the prosecutors being replaced was the one who handled the case against Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif., who is in prison for taking bribes, and the aforementioned H. E. Cummins of Arkansas, who was right in the middle of investigating the scandals surrounding the awarding of license fee offices in Missouri when he was fired. The Times editorial indicates Cummins is being replaced by a close friend of White House aide Karl Rove.

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