Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tribune article explores Goodman's late school start bill

The Columbia Tribune took a look at the bill sponsored by Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, which would push back the school start date:

Some question Goodman’s motives. His district includes Branson, and Goodman received thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Branson-area entertainment and development groups during his bid for the Senate in a 2005 special election. "The tourism community is driving this," (Missouri School Boards Association spokesman Brent)Ghan said.
Goodman acknowledged that the tourism industry supports the proposal; however, he denied filing the bill on behalf of Branson interests. "It’s not just a Branson issue, it’s an issue that families all over Missouri have expressed interest in," he said.

As I have noted in earlier Turner Report posts, when Goodman first began promoting this bill, he spoke only of its pro-family aspects, with nary a mention of those thousands of dollars of Branson money.

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