Friday, January 12, 2007

Memorial Middle School shooter's atrorney asks for Jasper County prosecuting attorney's office to be disqualified

Jasper County Circuit Court Judge Stephen Carlton has some major decisions to make in the case against 14-year-old Memorial Middle School shooter Thomas Gregory White.
Carlton, who was appointed after the case's second judge, Joseph Schoeberl, took himself off at the case at the prosecuting attorney's request, will decide on two motions filed by White's attorney, James Egan, late this week.
On Wednesday, Egan asked that 211.071 RSMo, the law by which White is being tried as an adult, be declared unconstitutional and that White be certified to stand trial as a juvenile.

Egan also filed a motion on Thursday asking that the Jasper County prosecuting attorney's office be disqualified from the case and for a special prosecutor to be appointed.

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