Friday, January 19, 2007

Backroom politics leads to Turner convention loss

So close, yet oh, so far away.
Apparently, my grass roots campaign for the presidency came up just short as a couple of the Columbia Daily Tribune bloggers had some fun and set up a presidential campaign between the Media Bloggers Party and the Political Bloggers Party.
A blow-by-blow account of this battle, including my primary wins in Michigan, Louisiana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Carolina, West Virginia, Nebraska, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Oregon, Kentucky, and Montana, is featured in the Tribune's GameOver blog.
Going into the convention, under Tribune political writer Jason Rosenbaum's scenario, I had the lead, but when John Combest bowed out, most of his delegates opted for Jeff Roe of the Source and he became the nominee. The other candidates from our party were Antonio French of and Roy Temple of Fired Up Missouri.
In the media blogger category David Catanese of KY3 was the winner over Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star, Tony Messenger of the Springfield News-Leader, and Rosenbaum.
In the general election, Catanese defeated Roe (blowing any chance I had of landing a Cabinet position).
Thanks to Jason Rosenbaum for including me with the bigwigs of the state bloggers. Give me a few months and I will start an exploratory commitee for the next election cycle.


Anonymous said...

Hey Randy,

Any thoughts on your Democrat friends trying to censor blogs by forcing you to register as a lobbyist.

From Slashdot: "The attempt to require political bloggers to register as lobbyists previously reported by Slashdot has been stripped out of the lobbying reform bill. The vote was 55 to 43 to defeat the provision. All 48 Republicans, as well as 7 Democrats, voted against requiring bloggers to register; all 43 votes in favor of keeping the registration provision were by Democrats."

Randy said...

As far as I could tell, this would not have had any effect on my blog. This was aimed at the blogs that become involved to the point of raising and contributing money for the parties.

Unknown said...

You should announce on your blog on a Saturday. Apparently it is the best way to announce according to Hillary. I am sorry that you did not win the nomination. You could have beaten David in a head to head race. At least you will have his track record to point to when you face him in four years.