Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Joplin Globe

A former Joplin Globe page inserter filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the newspaper Tuesday in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.
In her petition, Kathleen Willis claims the Globe created a "hostile work environment" by "allowing its employees and agents to make unwanted sexual advances and contact with (Ms. Willis) and fellow female employees."

Ms. Willis says that after she complained to supervisors about the sexual harassment her employment schedule was changed and after she filed a complaint she "was threatened with the loss of her job." Ms. Willis says no action was ever taken against any of the people who were doing the harassment.

Ms. Willis said one of her fellow employees touched her and other female employees on the "breasts, waist, and rear" but even after complaints "nothing was ever done." She said that ater he complaints, her supervisor told her "Someone is going to get fired and it might be you."

The three-count petition charges the Globe with creating a hostile work environment, sex discrimination, and retaliation. Ms. Willis is asking for actual damages, compensatory damages, punitive damages, and attorney fees.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if a female reporter filed such a claim against the former editor.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely proud of you for fighting back. I too am in the same situation and was terminated because I stopped the harassment. It's been tough mentally, and there are days I can't get out of bed thinking about what this man did to me. Then you have the people who think I seduced him even though I have proof of his harassment. It's scary to take on a company especially when everyone is on the harrassers side. So good luck to you and know that you aren't alone!

Anonymous said...

nice spelling

Anonymous said...

Dave Starchman? Sued? Hard to imagine!

(please note the sarcasm font)

Anonymous said...

I work at the globe and I have worked with Ms. Willis and I'm sorry people but what she is saying isn't true. No one touched her!Only thing wrong with her, is she's mad because NONE of the guys there wanted anything to with her.
I'm sorry to the women that is't really happened to,but this time it didn't.She is out to make a buck and I hope she doesn't.