Sunday, January 21, 2007

KOAM ad appears to take shot at KSN

"Accomplishment...more than just experience."
That's the tagline for KOAM's latest promotional ad featuring anchor Dowe Quick, who has been a fixture at the station for more than a quarter of a century. The ad mentions the honor recently awarded Quick at the Kansas Association of Broadcasters Convention, where he received the Sonny Slater Award for outstanding service to his station and community. The ad also mentions that Quick has received the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for broadcasting excellence.

The ad seems to be directed at the recent KSN advertising trumpeting the experience of their anchors Jim Jackson, Tiffany Alaniz, and Gary Bandy. The Jackson ad notes that he has covered more than 65,000 stories, which is accurate only if you equate reading stories with covering them.


Anonymous said...

Those awards are basically a trading off thing every year. Stay for a third of your lifetime and you are bound to get something. There are about four markets in Kansas. Two small markets. You do the math. I don't see either one of them doing a lot more work than the other.

Anonymous said...

The KAB Award is for the State of Kansas and includes Kansas City Stations, Topeka Stations, Wichita Stations in Television, but it was not a Television Award. It is a Broadcaster Award which includes the hundreds of Radio stations throughout the State. Sonny Slater was actually a Radio Broadcaster. The Sonny Slater is also an award that you do not apply for. It is a Lifetime Achievement Award through nomination of your peers. The Edward R. Murrow is a National Award for Television Journalist. Want to do that math. It is a shame that anyone would discredit or down play someone's recognition unless of course, they were jeolous. Congratulations Dowe, you've been a staple in this area for a long time.