Thursday, January 18, 2007

Former Messenger College student to plead guilty in Iraqi's death

A U. S. Marine who once attended Messenger College in Joplin will plead guilty to second degree murder in connection with the death of an Iraqi:

Seven Marines and one Navy corpsman were charged in June with kidnapping, murder and other offenses.Prosecutors allege the squad kidnapped Hashim Ibrahim Awad, took him to a roadside hole and shot him to death. They then placed an AK-47 and shovel by his body to try to make it look like Awad, 52, was an insurgent who had been caught in the act of planting a bomb, prosecutors said. Under their plea deals, the three Marines and the sailor who pleaded guilty each received prison terms of less than two years.

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Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Messenger College to teach good Christian principles. He is a victim of an evil administration and church doctrine.