Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cooper shuts down campaign committee, donates $65,000 plus to 158th District Committee

Missouri Ethics Commission records show disgraced Rep. Nathan Cooper, R-Cape Girardeau, who is resigning his seat after pleading guilty to federal immigration fraud charges, shut down his campaign committee Monday, one day after contributing the final $65,792.89 to the Friends of the 158th Committee.
Friends of the 158th was formed Jan. 5, according to Ethics Commission records, and has the same treasurer, Victor Gunn, as Cooper's campaign committee. Gunn also serves as treasurer for the 158th Legislative District Committee.
The last filing indicates that more may be going on than just a guilty plea to a fraud charge.
Five contributors have the added words "state contract" next to their names, something which does not appear to have been done in earlier Ethics Commission filings.
Four of those five were recipients of license fee offices, which published reports from Fired Up Missouri have linked to Cooper.
Derrick R. Good, fee office agent for High Ridge, contributed $500, as did William Clark Hardin IV, fee agent for O'Fallon, and Damir Huskic, St. Louis City fee office. The Ethics Commission documents indicate Cooper reimbursed Huskic $4,225 out of $5,500 he has given. Cooper received $750 from Gerald W. Jones, Jackson fee office agent.
The other contributor listed with "state contract" was Erick Froehlich, Clayton, who gave $500.

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Busplunge said...

His only sin was not that he did something unethical and illegal, but that he got caught.
And we have as an example Scooter Libby. I garr and tea you this is related somehow to the attorney being fired. Will Hanaway have the guts to proceed?

Off to the lake for three days, no computers, no news, no nothing but a fishing pole and a cold beverage!