Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flanigan raises $9,000 plus, nearly all from local contributions

Nine thousand dollars is no small amount to raise in three months for a state representative race, especially for a non-incumbent.
The October disclosure report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission this week by Tom Flanigan, R-Carthage, indicates he received $9,010 during the third quarter, with little of it coming from outside committees, PACs, outstate contributors or out-of-state contributors. All of the money came from Jasper County and the surrounding counties.
Flanigan picked up 96 contributions, with only one coming from outside the state and four in outstate Missouri, and even those four were for amounts far smaller than the maximum.
The contributions averaged less than $100 per donor.
Most of those contributions, a total of $8,470 came at a catered reception held July 30 at the Sam Hill Building in Carthage, and organized by Flanigan's wife, Anita, according to the disclosure report.
Flanigan returned earlier contributions that were above the campaign contributions limit, but even those came from sources in this corner of Missouri.
Flanigan is running for the 127th District seat, which will have no incumbent since Steve Hunter, R-Joplin, is barred from running due to term limits.


Anonymous said...

Randy, Tom Flanigan isn't a lawyer. Why do you have a habit of sticking things into your posts that don't relate and so often are wrong?

Randy said...

The mistake will be corrected. It was an oversight on my part. As for the second part of your comment, out of more than 5,200 posts, there have only been a handful that have had mistakes. Those are corrected when I find out about them, even though there are a few crackpots who insist I have made mistakes even when none have been made. And in case no one noticed, this was a positive post about Flanigan.

Just wondering said...


Is this the same Tom Flanigan who was or is Sen. Nodlers' chief of staff? If he is, then his non-incumbent ability to raise such money should not be such a big deal or surprise, should it?

Randy said...

This is the same person.

Anonymous said...

Randy, You do not correct mistakes. A couple of years ago the Columbia Newspaper ran a story saying Senator Nodler had cut off comments at a hearing, you re-ran that story but when the newspaper retracted and apologized, you stood by the wrong incorrect story so don't try this crap that you correct mistakes, you spread lies. You were not at fault for running the untrue story, but you were for sticking by it when it was proven wrong, its yearslater and you have never yet corrected it so don't clim that you do correct wrong stories, you do not.