Friday, October 19, 2007

Indictment against alleged Cooper accomplice dismissed

The U. S. Government dismissed an immigration fraud indictment against the alleged accomplice of disgraced former Rep. Nathan Cooper, R-Cape Girardeau, today.
According to a one-page document filed in U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, Omega "Meg" Paulite, the woman who was described just two months ago as "a serious risk to threaten or injure a prospective witness," and "a serious risk to obstruct justice," faces no charges.
The only words in the document were:

"Pursuant to Rule 48A of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and by leave of court endorsed hereon, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri hereby dismisses the indictment filed Aug. 9, 2007, against the defendant."

Ms. Paulite was charged with selling Cooper more than 100 visa approvals designated for the hospitality and temporary service industries, allowing workers to come to the U. S. illegally. Cooper gave the visas to trucking companies.

Cooper is scheduled to plead guilty Nov. 21. In a document filed today, his attorney accepted Cooper's pre-sentence investigation report.


Anonymous said...

You see, this is why printing the “facts” contained in probable cause statements and other documents filed by a prosecutor is NOT balanced reporting.

A trial is an adversarial process and the documents Prosecutors file are only his spin on the “facts.” In addition, the documents filed by the Prosecutor (and defense counsel) are generally full of standard boilerplate language like “the defendant is a serious risk to threaten or injure a prospective witness,” which anyone with any experience in law would know means very little.

I’ve notice you have a very thin skin when it comes to non-teachers criticizing the educational system but you feel free to criticize (directly or by implication) politicians and lawyers when, to my knowledge, you have no experience in either field.

I know everyone who has ever read a John Grisman novel fancies themselves a lawyer, but there really is a reason real lawyers have to go to law school and pass the bar to practice law (hint, it’s because the system is complicated).

In any event, to really know what is going on in a case you have to do more then read adversarial documents on case net and then report them as uncontested facts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:35 - great post and, I might add, Randy is not only thin skinned when non-teachers comment on education, he's equally soreheaded when teachers comment. His very narrow vision of this world is a downfall. The same is true of his journalistic attempts.

In the original post his first sentence is an editoral "....the disgraced former Rep....."

Anonymous said...

Well, Randy, it looks like your enemies from the Nodler camp have finally been smart enough to figure out that they needed to start commenting on other posts besides those referring to Nodler. Unfortunately, their rantings are almost incomprehensible, usually just barely mention the subject, and then launch into an attack on you. This is the way Gary Nodler has always operated ever since I have known him. If someone gets in his way, he bullies and bullies until he gets what he wants. Hang in there, Randy. If you weren't succeeding at what you are doing, they wouldn't be stepping up their attacks.

Anonymous said...

It’s funny that you argue that “pro-Nodler” posters (i.e., anyone that criticizes Randy) are incomprehensible ranters who “ usually just barely mention the subject” since that’s what your post is. My post deals with Randy’s apparent lack of understanding of the difference between boilerplate forms containing unproven accusations and actual proven facts. Your response does not address that point at all.

It seems to me that you anti-Nodler people have some form mental illness that causes you to see the hidden hand of Nodler behind every comment that you disagree with.

Anonymous said...

Everybody's got big balls under the name 'anonymous.'
Could we please debate at least like we're decent human beings. Honestly, the schoolyard bullshit is getting old.

Anonymous said...

You all seem to forget the no one has to like Nodler and just because one does not this does not make one insane. I do not like him, but not for any of the reasons stated by anyone here. I don't like his stand on certain policies, his views on things that I disagree with and his use of power. This does not make me insane, it makes me an American who choses to look at issues and make my choice. Maybe Randy is a little too fast to rush to bash Nodler, but this is his blog he can do that, if I don't like it I can go to anither blog, same as you can. We also need to get it though our heads that we (blog types in SW missouri) have absolutely no influence on Nodler or politics in general, things are decided (in the political arena) and it does not matter what we do or think. When we finally get that in perspective we can relax and let it roll off our backs and go on with our lives, politic free. Yes I do HATE politics, it is a crummy business.

Anonymous said...

before reporting this you should have talked to any attorney who deals with Federal COurt. Also, remeber your early stories on this omega women? where did she live and work? not in st. louis. so there is more than a good chance that her crimes were not committed in this jurisdiction, but rather in the state of washington. i would look for her to be charged in that jurisdiction.

M1 said...

Had a blind date dinner with Miss Paulite in Stockholm a few years back. Imagine my surprise when I moments ago Googled her name and read that she was "guilty" of fraud.

What a relief to subsequently find this post and read the charges were dropped.