Monday, October 29, 2007

Webb City residential care facility cited by state

County Acres Residential Care, Inc., a Webb City facility, has been cited by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services during two recent inspections, according to the Missouri Coalition for Quality Care website. The following description of the violations was provided on the website:

A licensure inspection was completed on 6/26/07. The facility was not in substantial compliance with participation requirements. A revisit and complaint investigation was completed on 9/14/07. The facility failed to: provide adequate protective oversight by ensuring a staff person was awake while on duty to provide oversight to the residents; failed to provide proper care to meet the needs of a resident and follow physician orders to discharge the resident to a higher level of care to ensure proper management of the resident’s diabetes; failed to ensure staff did not knowingly omit any duties when staff failed to report allegations of sexual misconduct, verbal abuse of residents, ensure medications were in a secured location and not accessible to residents, keeping a resident whose needs could not be met by facility staff, provide adequate oversight and supervision by having an awake staff on duty; failed to ensure residents were not subjected to verbal abuse, threats of retaliation and report to the state agency any suspected abuse of residents; ensure a staff and effective medication system by ensuring medications were properly stored and not accessible by any person other than staff.

The Webb City facility was issued Class 1 and Class 2 notices of non-compliance.

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