Monday, April 28, 2008

Simpson letter asks for outside review of Ohio attorney general's office

After trying to get by with investigating alleged improprieties in-house, the Ohio attorney general's office is asking for an outside investigation.

Former Joplin Globe Editor Edgar Simpson, the chief of staff for Attorney General Marc Dann, wrote the letter asking for the outside investigation, according to the Columbus Dispatch:

Anthony Gutierrez, a friend of Dann’s from Youngstown who ran the general services section of the attorney general's office, is on paid suspension pending the outcome of sexual harassment charges filed against him by two of his female employees.

Gutierrez also damaged two state vehicles, one of them seriously, and had them repaired at state expense. He did not file the required accident reports.

Simpson said that the harassment investigation raised other issues, prompting a review of policies, including the purchase, maintenance of use of state vehicles, accident reporting, and use of state gas and credit cards. He said the review should result in "recommendations for improvements to ensure compliance with applicable state law and policy."

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Anonymous said...

Sex, corruption, favoritism. So Simpson is running that place pretty much like he ran the Globe.