Wednesday, April 23, 2008

July 10 trial date set for Sen. Smith, lobbyist in Isle of Capri case

A July 10 trial has been scheduled in Cooper County Circuit Court for Sen. Jeff Smith, D-St. Louis, and lobbyist Lynne Schlosser in the Isle of Capri case. A hearing on Smith's motion to dismiss is set for June 10, according to court records.

Smith and Ms. Schlosser are each charged with a misdemeanor count of using a false ID to gamble at the Isle of Capri casino on July 31. Allegedly, at the behest of Ms. Schlosser, Smith, who did not have identification with him, used the identification of Rep. Joseph Aull, D-Marshall, to gamble, a violation of state law.

Aull's trial is scheduled for June 10 in Pettis County Circuit Court, where it has been transferred on a change of venue. Ms. Schlosser was serving as a lobbyist for Isle of Capri at the time. She was fired shortly after the incident became public.

Missouri Ethics Commission records indicate Smith and Aull were at the casino as part of a lobbyist-financed junket paid for by Chris Liese, also representing Isle of Capri. More information can be found in the Sept. 1 Turner Report.

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