Saturday, April 19, 2008

GOP funnels Swift Boat financier Perry's money into Gibbons, Kinder campaigns

Texas homebuilder Robert Perry, who bankrolled the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign that torpedoed John Kerry's 2004 presidential candidacy, is becoming heavily involved in Missouri politics once again.

Perry, who joined with his wife to contribute $300,000 to Matt Blunt's campaign last year, made another six-figure donation to the GOP, pouring $100,000 into the Missouri Republican Party on March 3.

That donation has been funneled through various district committees to help bolster the re-election campaign of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and Sen. Mike Gibbons' campaign for attorney general.


Tom Hanna said...

And who has funneled money to Jay Nixon?

Or any of our local award winning reporters? They don't file disclosure reports, do they?

Anonymous said...

Go Gibbons and Kinder! May you receive much more!

Anonymous said...

Your rants have yielded nothing, will yield nothing, and should yield nothing.You offer absolutely no proof of donation connections to votes. You dismss any fact that people, such as your good friend Gary Nodler, actually believe in/on the things they vote for/against. Knowing your background, we can understand how you can't understand integrity.

Why don't you spend your time focusing on things like the Bombadier tax credit? You whine and cry about "education tax credits" but nothing about $880m tax credits. What about the Amy Blunt/Andy Blunt/Greg Hartley trail?

Here a real potential for unethical behavior exists and you don't pursue because you are too busy tilting at windmills.