Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Too close to call in Pennyslvania

The polls have closed in Pennsylvania and it is too close to call, according to MSNBC and CNN.
For some reason, the pundits have made it that much more difficult for Hillary Clinton to claim a victory in this race. Chris Matthews on MSNBC just said that anything less than a nine or 10 percent win for Mrs. Clinton is a loss.

If Obama had an overwhelming lead in delegates that might be true, but neither candidate can win the nomination with just elected delegates. Now if Obama happens to win Pennsylvania, that would really ratchet up the pressure on Mrs. Clinton to drop out of the race and rightfully so.

Anyone who believes the continued presence of Hillary Clinton in the race is going to damage the Democrats in November, is underestimating the effect the economy and the war in Iraq are going to have in the general election. The Democrats will be united in November no matter which candidate wins.

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