Saturday, May 10, 2008

Newtonia City Hall blown away, city evacuated

Newtonia's City Hall is no more, thanks to the tornado that swept through the city a few hours ago.
The building, which was once a house, has been the city hall for the past several years. The Newtonia Community Building, which was once used for city business, reportedly only suffered minor damage.
Meanwhile emergency personnel have been evacuating city residents, who are without utilities, with most of them heading to East Newton High School.
An update on my parents' house: While this is obviously distressful to them, the damage could have been far worse. The roof is still on the house, except for a small portion of it. A tree is on the roof over the area that used to be my bedroom. Some other areas of the house suffered damage, but nothing that cannot be fixed. The main thing is that neither of my parents was hurt. As those who know them might expect, they are not among those who left Newtonia this evening. They are staying with the house in which they have spent the past 57 years.

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