Sunday, March 15, 2009

Other CNHI newspapers write about furloughs, but not Joplin Globe

Every time I write about the Joplin Globe's failure to write about firings or furloughs ordered by its corporate bosses at Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. (CNHI), I hear from those who say the Globe is not allowed to do so because of company policy.

Unless I have missed it, the Globe has still not addressed the company-wide furloughs ordered by CNHI executives. But other CNHI newspapers have leveled with their readers.

In an editorial, the Plattsburgh Press Republican wrote:

As for this paper, you've read recently that we've had to impose a few unpaid days off on our own staff. Each employee will take five days off without pay during the next quarter. That has far less to do with our own profit and loss than our parent company's. We're owned by Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. of Birmingham, Ala. CNHI is doing well through the recession, but, with almost 100 daily papers, reaching into every corner of the nation, it has disparate properties with disparate economic conditions.

All CNHI papers are being asked to share the cautions required for some. Thus, though the Press-Republican is stable as it stands on the northern edge of New York state, it must contribute some of its bounty to the family. We do it happily for the group, particularly since it staves off the prospect of layoffs, which would be painful for all of us.

It's important for everyone to know the status of their local newspaper, as one of a community's benchmarks and leaders.

Apparently, it's only important for Plattsburgh readers to know about their papers, not Joplin readers.

The Richmond Register in Kentucky was also straightforward about the situation, headlining its article "CNHI employees to take unpaid furloughs."

“The recession continues to negatively impact businesses across the country, including those we rely on for advertising revenue,” said Donna Barrett, CEO of CNHI, in a company-wide memo. “Until we see meaningful recovery in the economy, we must reduce expenses while maintaining our ability to serve our customers and readers. We believe we have found a solution that should help us avoid future staff reductions.”

Employees at the Richmond Register, and all CNHI organizations, will be required to take off five days without pay between April 1 and June 30.

If the Joplin Globe is going to maintain credibility as a source for the all-important news that affects our local economy, it cannot do so by focusing on everyone else's problems and sugarcoating its own.


Anonymous said...

There IS no credibility at 117 East 4th.

Anonymous said...

CNHI has ordered an unpaid day (announced today) before the end of the year. Our branch chose Christmas Eve as the mandated unpaid day. We also will furlough into the first quarter of next year, five more unpaid days. NONE of this was reported by our newspaper to our readers.