Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attorney representing LePage files entry of appearance in Lindstedt lawsuit

The wait is still on to see when President Barack Obama will respond to white supremacist Martin Lindstedt's omnibus lawsuit, but attorney Douglas G. Leyshock entered an appearance on behalf of Judge John LePage today.

Information on the case is sketchy since the federal courts for some reason have restricted the public's access to the files. The message "You do not have permission to view this document," appears.

Court records indicate President Obama was served Feb. 6 with the lawsuit in which Lindstedt indicates he would not mind seeing the president assassinated.

Despite the efforts of the government to restrict access, Lindstedt has posted the lawsuit, which consists mostly of incomprehensible ramblings, on a website. In the complaint, Lindstedt, serving as his own lawyer, writes, "The main reason that Plaintiffs are filing this lawsuit is simply that it goes against Plaintiff's religious beliefs to allow any non-white, especially a n-----, to be in any position of authority over any White man, no matter how degraded." (Note: Lindstedt's lawsuit uses the actual n word. I don't intend to do the same.)

Lindstedt refers to himself in the lawsuit as pastor of The Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri. The church is also listed as a plaintiff. Other defendants in the action include Sen. John McCain, the State of Missouri, Gov. Matt Blunt (the suit was filed in November), Missouri Department of Mental Health/Fulton State Hospital, Attorney General (now governor) Jay Nixon, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Missouri Supreme Court, Missouri Democratic Party, Missouri Republican Party, Missouri Libertarian Party, "Traitor" Glenn Miller, Newton County Republican Party, Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland, Judge John LePage, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jakob Skouby, and Newton County Clerk Kay Baum.

The lawsuit includes this sentence:

"We could, like other White Nationalist organizations, simply hope and pray for an assassin and enjoy the inevitable race riots which we seek."

Lindstedt has previously filed frivolous lawsuits against everyone from Missouri Southern State University, the city of Granby, Matt Blunt, well, you name it, he's sued it. He has also been an unsuccessful candidate for every political position from East Newton R-6 Board of Education to governor.

Newton County authorities recently dropped a long-standing statutory sodomy charge against Lindstedt, but indicated the charge may be refiled.


Anonymous said...

Having done some research on this Martin Lindstedt, I can only feel terrible sadness for whatever children might ever be in his care. To see the faces of his grandchildren in a family photo posted on one of his numerous websites, I see so much sorrow and neglect. It pains me that these children might have left foster care and been returned to this family. I can only imagine the dirty environment in which they must live, and the poisonous "nurturing" they receive from a family that has all the hallmarks of hereditary mental illness. Mr. Lindstedt appears to be a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur fueled by violent hatred--and although I am not sure he molested that child, I am sure that some very bad things must be happening with those kids. It's obvious. Thank goodness in America we treat the mentally ill in a humane manner, unlike in "Aryan" supremacist Nazi Germany where they were euthanized, but it is sad when the mental health system and the legal system fail people in this way.

Anonymous said...

are you a lawyer or a chaser?

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