Friday, March 20, 2009

KSN first with news of actual plea in church shooting case

Eiken Elam Saimon, the killer who brought the meaning of terror to the city of Neosho on Aug. 12, 2007, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but since the actual plea was made this morning in Newton County Circuit Court, I have only been able to find one media outlet, KSN, that has the story.

KSN led its noon newscast with the story. KODE, of course, has All My Children on, while KOAM, which normally has a newscast, has the KU game in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The Joplin Globe broke the story about the plea bargain earlier this week, and had information on the particulars posted Thursday, but as of this posting, has not confirmed the plea.

The Neosho Daily News, as far as I can determine, has been silent about the entire process, which is surprising considering the importance of the story to the Neosho community, and the outstanding job the Daily did in the aftermath of the shooting.


Rick Rogers said...

Randy, John Ford was first to report in the Monday afternoon edition on the Saimon case and the plan to enter a guilty plea. Also, we have full coverage with photo in today's print and online editions.

Randy said...

I just went back through the online story; I remember seeing it, but I will admit I did not read it. The headline did not indicate that a guilty plea was imminent, something that was definitely included in the story.

I am sure you will see increased traffic at your website, and perhaps extra street sales, but this deserved the same, full throttle treatment that it received in August 2007.

Anonymous said...

"...but I will admit I did not read it."

This from the guy who sits in front of his computer and lectures everyone on how to do everything...yet doesn't have his facts right!

Whoooaaa Boy....some great reporter you are

No credibility, Randy, no credibility

Randy said...

I fail to see how it damages my credibility. The Daily buried the main part of the story, not using it in the headline or in the lead. I quickly glanced at the story and it appeared to be (and was) one of John Ford's wrapup stories of everything going on in the courts. Perhaps I should have read the story, but from all appearances, it did not seem to be anything special and that impression came from the way the Daily treated the story.

Anonymous said...

It's somebody else's fault....where are we hearing that with a great deal of regularly lately? From Randy's Hero!!!

It's the DAILY'S fault that I didn't read an article before I offered my great's somebody else's fault....

Note to Randy - I don't know of one newspaper in the world that sets its goal each day to make you happy.....of course, that's THEIR fault that you aren't catered to.