Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Local stations to drop analog transmissions early

As of April 16, only one Springfield station and two Joplin stations will continue transmitting analog signals.

Stations had until Tuesday to tell the Federal Communications Commission what they intend to do. The only stations that will continue in analog until the final deadline of June 12 are KODE and KFJX in Joplin and KYTV in Springfield.

Two stations, KOAM in the Joplin/Pittsburg market and KSPR in Springfield have already gone all-digital.

On March 31, according to the FCC, public television stations KOZK in Springfield and KOZJ in Joplin will make the switch. Following on April 16 will be KOLR and KSFX in Springfield and KSNF in Joplin.

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Anonymous said...

Please make note that KSNF is saying they will turn off analog on April 16th. I happen to know that they had their tower workers on site for the February 17th date and then sent them on their way when they were allowed more time by the Obama transition committeee. Let's see if they can actually meet this commitment, or if they even get close. Whether you love or hate the transition to digital, you must appreciate the consistency of knowing what to expect. KSNF has a reputation of saying what sounds good today only to do what is easy tomorrow.