Friday, March 20, 2009

Muschany- committed adultery, naked in teenage girl's room chasing burglar...and not guilty of sexual assault

Scott Muschany's an adulterer and was naked in a teenage girl's room; neither side in Muschany's two-day trial on sex charges disputed those facts.

What the proseuction did not do, the jury decided, was prove that Muschany was guilty of deviate sexual assault or improperly exposing himself to a teenage girl. (He just didn't have any clothes on when he checked in her room for a possible burglar." A Clay County jury found the former state representative not guilty today after four hours of deliberation.

Those supporting him can feel free to applaud, but think twice about giving him a hand.


Anonymous said...

It was a Cole County jury..

..And it is amazing this creep got off scot free!

Randy said...

The trial was held in Cole County. The jury was brought in from Clay County.

Anonymous said...

A jury of his peers looked at the evidence and found him not guilty.

Turner should try that sometime, look at the evidence and stop writing stupid blog posts based on "the way it ought to be" according to Turner instead of the evidence and facts.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, why do you read randy's blog if it offends you so much? write your own blog then you can read the opinion you like over and over.