Monday, March 02, 2009

Lindstedt lawsuit continues to waste taxpayers' money

Though the federal courts are not allowing access to the actual documents, court records indicate our local officials are having to spend time and the taxpayers' money fighting the latest in a long line of frivolous lawsuits filed by perennial candidate Martin Lindstedt.

As reported in the Feb. 7 Turner Report, Lindstedt filed a lawsuit in November against Barack Obama, John McCain, and a laundry list of Missouri defendants including former Gov. Matt Blunt, Missouri Department of Mental Health/Fulton State Hospital, Attorney General Jay Nixon, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Missouri Supreme Court, Missouri Democratic Party, Missouri Republican Party, Missouri Libertarian Party, "Traitor" Glenn Miller, Newton County Republican Party, Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland, Judge John LePage, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jakob Skouby, and Newton County Clerk Kay Baum.

The federal court docket indicates Joplin attorney Ron Mitchell filed a motion today to dismiss and suggestions in favor of that motion on behalf of Newton County Republican Party, Sheriff Ken Copeland, Newton County Prosecutor Jacob Skouby, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bill Dobbs, and Newton County Clerk Kay Baum.

No motions have been filed on behalf of President Obama or the other defendants.

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