Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Springfield bloggers honored

Life of Jason captured five Blogaronis as the top blogs in the Springfield area were honored Monday night.

Jason Wert's blog won in the categories of best special event coverage, best news blog, best local coverage blog, blog of the year, and blog post of the year.

Other blogs winning awards included Desdinova Super Villain of the Ozarks, Go Magazine, Ozark Photos, Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind, KSPR Weather Blog, OzarksSports.Net, KY3 Political Notebook, Michelle Sherwood, and Crime Scene.


GCook said...

Show-Me Opinions tied with Crime Scene for Rookie Blog of the Year. We're your MO Southern partners in crime! :-)

I am not upset that you overlooked us, but I think I know why. My cousin is Ken Ford and he used to work for KSN. You know what... That's it Randy! I have had it. I will now expose you for your anti-KSN bias once and for all!!!!!!!! Mwahahahaha... ok... just kidding!

Randy said...

Sorry about the omission. I visit your blog every day.

GCook said...

You know I am just teasing you. You are a daily stop for us, too!

Anonymous said...

My blog didn't even get judged. Apparently the organizers did notice Inside Missouri Politics for the last 12 months: www.news-leader.com/mopolitics

Oh well. Better luck next year, right?