Monday, March 23, 2009

Comments left on Jeff Roe, GateHouse Media stories

Since both stories were posted a few days ago, I thought I would post some interesting comments that were left to last week's posts on the Jeff Roe lawsuit and on bonuses for GateHouse Media officials:

The Jeff Roe comment appears to be from William "Buddy" Hardin, who has acknowledged being the one who provided the information on Joe Brazil that was used by Roe on his blog, The Source, and eventually led to Brazil's ongoing libel suit against Roe:

Neither Brazil nor his attorney requested that Roe take the story off his site until some time after the election. Why wait if it was wrong? All information for the story was a direct quote from a publicly available site that I simply googled. That post and Brazil's identity were verified by the author of the Darwin Awards Interestingly, a Brazil associate did contact the Darwin Awards before the election, resulting in the story being deleted. No reference to official reports were noted because the Florissant PD refused to release the police report, a public record that they later provided to the Journal. This tragic story was never used in any campaign piece. The "Source" posting was barely seen by anyone, this story keeps getting printed in local papers due to Brazil's pursuit of the suit. This has created 100 times the awareness of these events. Shouldn't he sue himself? Pols are public figures who are supposed to have thick skins, not eggshells.

On the GateHouse Media bonus story, a "Former GateHouse employee" wrote:

Absolutely ridiculous. At the Gatehouse paper I used to work at, hourly workers have been cut from 40 hours to 35 and the 401K match has been dropped all because of "cost-cutting measures". Meaning that 80 percent of the employees there have actually received a pay CUT.

There have been layoffs of employees who worked there for over 20 years, and those layoffs mean that it's harder for the others to get their work done in a regular 40-hour week, never mind the new 35.

A starting reporter made $23,000 - $25,000 - so Polly gets her BONUS that is three times what the people actually writing the news get in a whole year. Gatehouse Media is a disgusting example of how corporate greed is ruining this economy. It makes me sick that a company that is so pitiful can continue to operate on a corporate level as if it is going strong while chopping off the bottom or making their working even harder.

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