Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stouffer: Skelton losing touch with needs of rural Missouri

In response to a report that discovered numerous problems with dispersal of stimulus funds, Fourth District Republican Congressional candidate Bill Stouffer issued the following statement today:

“Missourians need real jobs, not made up numbers on a website,” said Stouffer. “Ike Skelton is losing touch with the needs of rural Missouri. Ike and his liberal House Leadership friends like Nancy Pelosi promised the American people millions of jobs from this stimulus plan. We all know now that the only thing Ike and Pelosi have stimulated is more wasteful spending and irresponsibility in Washington. What Ike Skelton and Nancy Pelosi fail to understand is that the only way to really stimulate the economy is to reduce taxes, cut spending and encourage growth in private businesses – not growth in government.”

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