Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Former Neosho band teacher waives hearing on sex charges

Former Neosho High School band teacher Brian Rash waived the reading of charges against him Monday in Ottawa County Circuit District Court. His arraignment on felony sex charges is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Rash, who also taught for a time in joplin Catholic Schools, is charged with first degree rape, attempted first degree rape, four counts of rape by instrumentation, and two charges of lewd and indecent proposals to a child. All of the charges involve Rash and teenage male students.


Anonymous said...

Hope you will report on the Missouri caase worker who has sex charges agsinst him.

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy you can get that story on KOAM NEWS.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would investigate why a female WCHS teacher was "released from her contract" (fired) suddenly. The district is being very hush, hush about this. They don't want to tarnish their flawless "pillar" image. This is the same teacher who had inappropriate relations with another married male teacher (who divorced and resigned from the school) last spring, and most recently (according to sources close to the school) she had inappropriate contact with another star football player. When students found out, information gradually made it to some concerned parents. Sadly, this individual still has her license, and will be in another district teaching, preying on kids.