Thursday, November 26, 2009

Steve Hunter ends lobbying career

As of Nov. 10, former Rep. Steve Hunter, R-Joplin, is no longer a registered lobbyist with the state of Missouri, according to Missouri Ethics Commission.

Hunter's lobbying career lasted only nine months. His only clients were AASP, St. Charles; and Consumer Funeral Alliance, Chillicothe.

On Feb. 10, the same day Hunter registered as a lobbyist, he formed a new Grassroots for Hunter campaign committee, with documents indicating he plans a statewide race, but subsequent filings have shown limited activity.


Anonymous said...

So when does Mr. Hunter have to declare his intentions of running for what? There was quite a sum of money left over when he termed out of his last office. Im sure Rita is taking good care of it. Last I knew she was treasurer for her husband.

Anonymous said...

Why waste your time and money Steve. If you have Rita as a wife no one in Southwest Missouri is going to hire you as a nighttime janitor or elect you into a public office to represent them. She burned way to many bridges that cannot be rebuilt. Unfortunatley if you lay with the dogs you get up with the fleas. Your career as a public figure is over and you have your dear wife to thank for that.