Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cynthia Davis: Keep an eye on those Muslims

Considering the murders at Fort Hood, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O"Fallon in her latest column, says we need to keep an eye on those of the Islamic faith in our military:

When we heard the news last week about Army officer, Nidal Hasan, who opened fire at the Fort Hood Army Base, I felt compassion for all who have a loved one on any military base. This tragedy serves as a reminder that there are major philosophical clashes between Christianity and Islam.

Christianity is the foundation of tolerance. American laws are based upon Judeo-Christian principles. Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. On the other hand radical Muslims, such as Hasan's imam (Islamic cleric) teach it is honorable to kill non-Muslims. In the Koran, Sura 2:191 says, “Kill the disbelievers wherever we find them.” There are some Muslims who are praising Hasan’s actions and condemning the Muslims who condemned this act. While some Muslims may be unaware of what their faith teaches and others do not adhere to these parts of the Koran, we as a country should not ignore the obvious.

And her conclusion:

At first glance, it would seem like we could protect our military if we allow Muslims an opportunity to be discharged based upon a conscientious objection. However, it may not have helped in a case where an individual is using his position in the military to harm our country. It is critical that our leaders identify the cause of this attack. It would be difficult to protect ourselves against those who are mentally ill. However, if this proves to be an act of terrorism and nothing is done, we can expect more of these types of attacks and even worse. We owe it to our military personal and all the citizens to have policies that support unity and patriotism.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm sure her constituents will eat up this us vs them rhetoric, she should shelve the talking points about religions she knows nothing about (other than scans of Wikipedia). Anyone from any religion -- Christianity, Islam, whatever -- can cherry pick quotes to justify acts of violence in the name of God. What we need to do is identify people who have mental illnesses and watch them (which she gives lip service to later), not watch people from certain faiths in general.

Let's leave the mass-murdering to qualified Muslim Mental Health Professionals said...

Anonymous @ 8:27 is a typical idiot like the fool sheep killed the other day by this Muslim 'Mental Health Professional.'

As the news comes in, it is apparent that the FBI and others in his chain-of-command knew that they probably had a problem in this Muslim officer of Palestinian descent talking about being a 'holy warrior' and wanting to leave an army which is killing his fellow Muslims, men, women and children civilians, but because of Politically Correct notions needing saying that "This is not a Crusade against Islam", this potential problem was simply wished away until the matter literally blew up with over 40 people being shot and 13 killed so far.

Cynthia Davis is absolutely correct. Muslim soldiers who don't want to be killing their fellow co-religionists shouldn't be forced to deploy to a war zone, much less given guns to kill our soldiers in an act of betrayal. They have divided loyalties, and when we force them to choose sides, we may not indeed like the end results.

I don't know why Turner obsesses on some state legislator who lives across the state, but so far Turner's attempts to show how stupid Cyndi is ends up with the result of showing how very stupid and out of touch Turner is, especially given this area. You're batting a perfect .000 so far Turner.

Anonymous 8:27 knows nothing about religion or history. The Christians of the past 2000 years had no problem in reconciling their religious beliefs with killing Huns, heathens, Turks, and Christians among others and within this country during the 17th-19th centuries in keeping negro slaves and slaughtering redskins. In fact, the idiotic notions the above-mentioned fool holds explains precisely why the Muslims are winning the current two wars of occupation in places we have no business in occupying. Trillions of dollars wasted and thousands of lives lost in order to make people into our own image when they like how they are now just fine.

And concerning those who use religion to justify their acts of aggression against others; that is caused not by mental illness, but rather rational manipulation of soft-headed fools who are mercilessly exploited or killed under color of religion. These predators are often far more calculating in assessing the reality on the ground than these feeble-minded fools wishing that their 'reality' was only real. Insofar as claiming that those who either calculatingly or naively use religion as a political tool are mentally ill, I can only hope that that Mental Health Professional Doctor Nidal will perform something useful on such nitwits to improve their lack of intelligence -- like another lobotomy.

I certainly wouldn't want some Muslim guarding my six in Iraq and Afghanistan. But then again, I'm able to learn from the unfortunate experiences of others who were forced, because of Army Political Correctness, to have a 'job enriching' diverse workplace like that at Ft. Hood.

Idiots. I'm sure glad that I'm not in the Army no more.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't you like to be in a war zone somewhere and have this guy assigned as your fox hole partner?

what are the non-Muslim soldiers to do now? Let's listen to them...those boots on the ground are way ahead of the airheads in the White House....

Anonymous said...

why Randy doesn't like Cynthia Davis:

1. She's female in a power-type position

2. She's Republican

3. She speaks her mind openly

4. She doesn't fear the press

5. Some national TV clown (the kind of fool Randy sheepisly follows and believes) doesn't like her and tries to make her look bad on his show

Randy obsesses over people with these traits...makes me think we need more people like this.

Anonymous said...

Muslims need to go back from where they came from.

Busplunge said...


I am amazed at the vindictiveness in these comments!

Anonymous said...

a "blogger" is AMAZED ... you have to be kidding! Bloggers, as a rule, live in a maze

I like Cynthia Davis said...

William Lind, who writes a great deal about Fourth-Generation warfare isn't too surprised about what happened at all:

"Last week’s shootings at Ft. Hood, in which thirteen U. S. Soldiers were killed and 30 people wounded, appear to be a classic example of Fourth Generation war. The shooter, U. S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, was a practicing Muslim. He sometimes wore traditional Islamic dress and carried a Koran. He reportedly cried “Allahu Akbar” before he opened fire. Though American-born and a U.S. citizen (and army officer), Major Hasan appears to have transferred his primary loyalty away from the state to something else, Islam. For his new primary loyalty, he was willing to kill. That is what defines Fourth Generation war."

Nov. 10, 2009

Seems to me that Cyndi has a better grasp on the situation on the ground than all of you liberal fools who seem to think that a 'good Muslim' is one who repeats your idiot notions before he kills his fellow soldiers or detonates a suicide bomb OVER HERE as opposed to an openly unfriendly 'bad Muslim' OVER THERE who plainly tells us that he wants our soldiers to go home now because they are tired of having their cities bombed and civilians murdered.

Such a conservative notion that maybe we should not open the military ranks to jihadists. Why, the next thing you know Cyndi will be saying things like we ought to have parents feeding their own children as opposed to having you idiot liberal school teachers keeping them over the summer so that they can get a free school lunch.