Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bus Plunge: Billy Long's explains $1,000 contribution to career politician Roy Blunt

Jim Lee on his ever-entertaining and informative blog, Bus Plunge, tries to plumb the depths of Seventh DIstrict Republican Congressional candidate Billy Long's opposition to career politicians by asking Long why he contributed $1,000 to career politician Roy Blunt last year:

JL: And, and on November 23, you gave a thousand dollar donation to, to Roy Blunt’s Friends of Roy Blunt. And yet you campaigned against career politicians. Is that, how is that in keeping with you’re against career politicians by giving a thousand dollars to a career politician?

BL: He’s got a lot more conservative voting record than people that he’s going to be running against on the Democrat side. At that time, I mean we didn’t know who his opponent was gonna be, for sure, we figured it’d probably be and he’s got a lot more conservative voting record.
Ernest Evans from Philadelphia (better known as Chubby Checker) couldn';t wiggle around an answer like that.


Mark Leaming said...

What fools out there actually think he isn't going to support Blunt? Sure Blunt is a career politician, but his opponent is as well. Blunts and Carnahans have been in Mo politics for the last two decades. Yeah right, we're sending someone new to the District of Crap.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long, assuming he's elected, will be a career politician the day he takes office. There is NO SUCH THING as anything else. It's just a good marketing campaign that the ignorant voter buys.

Busplunge said...

Mark, I guess I am one of those fools.

I was brought up by the Fina philosophy. (work hard, sell a good product, don't try to kid anybody)

Your statement seems to be an admission that the "Fed Up" campaign was bogus just a ruse to garner tea party votes.

Mark Leaming said...

We're held hostage by the system, and that includes both parties. Our senatorial candidates are just members of the fraternity, and neither really worthy of the job. Elections won't help anymore; it is going to take something else most likely. My thoughts on a lot of the current stuff is in my recent article: http://from-d-heart.blogspot.com/2010/09/americans-are-held-hostage-by-system.html