Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Education group endorses BIll White

The Missouri School Administrators PAC has endorsed Bill White for 129th District state representative. From the news release:

William “Bill” White of Joplin, the Republican candidate for Missouri State Representative (129th District), has been endorsed by the Missouri School Administrators Political Action Committee (MSAPAC). MSAPAC made the endorsement due to his strong support of public education, according to Kevin Dinsdale, Chairman of MSAPAC and Director of the Career & Technology Center at State Fair Community College.

MSAPAC is comprised of four statewide school administrator organizations, including the Missouri Association of School Administrators, the Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals, the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals and the Missouri Council of Career and Technical Administrators. The membership of these four organizations includes some 3,140 school administrators. MSAPAC was founded in 1991 to provide school administrators with the opportunity to become more involved in the political process through endorsements and contributions to candidates who are strong public supporters.

As a volunteer teacher, Bill White understands the vital importance of educating the next generation of Missourians. "We appreciate [Bill's] continuing support of public education," writes Penny Rector of MSAPAC, "and wish [him] success in the upcoming election."

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Anonymous said...

Strange!!!!- Bill doesn't teach at a public school nor does his children attend public school. How is that support except for the mandatory taxes he pays each year?