Thursday, September 16, 2010

The seduction of Roy Blunt

As I write this post, I await the righteous indignation of Missouri Republicans, who will feign outrage that I dared to strike a low blow at U. S. Senate candidate Roy Blunt, a man who has devoted his adult life to defending what he describes as “Missouri values.”

The post in question, which I put on The Turner Report late Wednesday night, has fewer words than probably any I have ever published.

The words didn’t really matter. The story was in the pictures.

After trying to maintain the high road in a 22-year journalism career and continuing to do so in my decade as a blogger by keeping politicians’ personal lives out of my stories, I decided it was time to break away from that lofty, but misguided rule.

As Roy Blunt tries to sell himself to Missouri Tea Party enthusiasts as a man who has fought the establishment during his 14 years in Congress and has never succumbed to the temptations of the Beltway, the two pictures tell a much different story.

The first picture came from a Christmas card, Congressman Blunt sent me during his early years in Washington. It is one of those family photos that politicians (and many others) like to send during the holiday season. It features Blunt with his wife at the time, Rosann, sons Matt (the future Missouri governor at that point) and Andrew and daughter Amy.

The second picture features a dressed to the nines Roy Blunt with his much younger second wife, Abigail Perlman, who is wearing an off-the-shoulder formal as they attend a Washington party.

Blunt’s second marriage to Ms. Perlman would normally not be enough to push me into breaking my long-standing rule. Though it’s a sad commentary, many men of Blunt’s age feel the need to trade in the loyal wives who stuck with them as they climbed the political ladder for younger models.

This situation, however, is more than just a repeat of that pathetic model. Ms. Perlman, despite her beauty, is not just some bubbleheaded babe who distracts a powerful politician from his impending mortality. She is also the lobbyist for Altria, a company that has poured hundreds of thousands into the Blunt campaign chest, into his Rely on Your Beliefs PAC, and into the Missouri campaigns of Blunt’s son, Matt.

And in 2002, as it has been well documented, including during his U.S. Senate race with Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, Blunt, at the time the newly minted Minority Whip, attempted to slip into the Homeland Security Bill legislation that would benefit the tobacco company Ms. Perlman represents.

It has been written many times over the years that Blunt inserted the wording to the bill to help “his girlfriend” or “the woman he was dating.”

And while those assertions have never been questioned (Blunt has continued to insist the pro-tobacco legislation would have helped improve U. S. security), one fact has been conveniently left out of the reporting- at the time Roy Blunt, the bastion of Missouri values, was helping his lobbyist girlfriend, he was still married to another woman.

Court records show that Blunt and his first wife were not divorced until April 24, 2003. Blunt filed for divorce Aug. 8, 2002, during the time the legislation was being considered by the House. The Homeland Security Bill passed in November. Online court documents show that a legal separation was granted for the Blunts on Dec. 19, 2002, because the court found there was “a reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved and it is not irretrievably broken.”

 It obviously doesn’t help the preservation of your marriage when you are dating a younger woman, a lobbyist at that, and secretly inserting last minute amendments that would have done nothing to aid a country engaged in a war on terrorism, but would have done much to improve the bottom line of the company your girlfriend represents.

So when it came down to it, the decision process was not a difficult one. I could write two thousand words saying the same thing, but all it takes is two pictures to tell Missourians that Roy Blunt has succumbed to the sweet siren song of Washington, D. C.

He may speak Missouri values, but the evidence indicates those are just a memory.

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Anonymous said...

Notice also the timing of the separation, almost immediately after the 2002 election, giving Roy almost 2 years to repair the damage that this betrayal caused. Of course, all the stupid "christian" voters believe any crap that this toad shovels out. There is NO ONE as stupid as a rural conservative.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What's your weekly paycheck draw from the Carnahan campaign? Must be good. I've followed your writings from the Carthage Press days, but you have obviously lost your journalism skills somewhere along the way......Missouri with two liberal Senators may sound good to you, just be careful because your wish might just come true. We will see how you like it then.......

Anonymous said...

To 5:37:
No one as stupid as a rural conservative? Hahahahaha, you would obviously be among the group of morons that elected the current party in power. Good idea, it has really paid off for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Yep, most conservatives in the rural areas are total buffoons. After 30 years of the destruction of our economy by Reagan shitheads and other conservaturds, we now see jobs bleeding at light speed away from our country. Thanks, conservaturds!! Our economy was destroyed by the banksters and other conservaturd powers. Yet, conservative idiots want MORE power for the bank thieves.

WAKE UP, YOU MORONS!! The Tea Party Treason is funded by the Koch Brothers, who are billionaire oil tycoons. It has nothing to do with any of the moronic shit that Tea Party Traitors mindlessly whine about, and every to do with gathering power to cut taxes for billionaires, and charge higher taxes to the middle class.

There is NO ONE as stupid as a rural conservative.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog Randy. Too bad that many an ignorant soul will leave their unfounded rantings and railings here (of course anonymously) but that doesn't alter to the accuracy nor lighten the gravity of what you have so well stated in this article. Roy Blunt is nothing more than a professional politician funded by special interests and he is literally in bed with them.

Should you read some of comments posted by your detractors please do not forget the following;
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 6:20 -

Good comments. Who is the author of the quote on malice and stupidity? It sounds like a perfect description of the Tea Party Traitors.

Anonymous said...

Li'l Matt a closet queen? Well, will wonders never cease?

That certainly would go a LONG LONG way to explain why li'l Matt didn't re-up for a second term. Of course, since he had screwed the pooch, the entire state of MO, and all of his voters with idiotic governance, it was not unwelcome to those of us who have the misfortune of residing in Mississippi on the Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Randy I have read your blog for years and found it infomative. I am done. This is nothing but gutter politics which I thought you were above but obviously are not. The poll numbers have obviously thrown you and your senatorial candidate into a panic. Too bad you chose to stoop so low.

Busplunge said...

The contrast between the Roy most of us remember as Greene County Clerk and MO Secretary of State and the morphing into what he has become is both remarkable and sad.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Randy, some of the comments on this thread are beyond the pale. Use some editorial judgment already.

Anonymous said...

Blunt's political record is shameful enough without having to resort to this sort of garbage.

Randy said...

While I fully stand behind this post, I am bothered by some of the comments that have been left on here and will eliminate them in a few moments. They would have been removed long ago except that I do not blog while I am at work and I just returned from East a few moments ago.

Anonymous said...

Thats no excuse randy. You leave this crap up all day and then blame it on you teaching. I'm glad your not teaching my childre or grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

You stand behind this post. What the hell does this have to do with who will make the best candidate. Why Noty post something about your candidates "family".

Anonymous said...

From what source do yuou derive intimate details of Roy Blunts first marriage? and the path that led to his divorce from his high school sweetheart? Randy, you may not fully understand, but a marriage can fall apart.

Peggy said...

I just happen to google Roy Blunt yesterday hearing about FOX suing Carnahan's campaign. I was deeply disgusted to learn of his infidelity which also impacted his integrity as a congressman. I am an IL resident, so I don't have the burden of this choice. I'd never vote Dem. Not since Clinton '92. I can see why the MO tea partiers despise Blunt. He was booed at Sunday's rally in STL. I can't believe the MO GOP couldn't come up with some one better. If I were Robin Carnahan, I would nail Blunt on this early and often. Not just say he's corrupted, but show how deeply he's corrupted.

Peggy said...

P.S. Seeing more of your text, if you were in Eastern MO, you'd hear on KMOX (Mark Reardon) and 97.1 talk (Jamie Allman, Dana Loesch in particular) how the conservatives do not like Roy Blunt and were unhappy when Dick Morris brought Blunt to the stage at the Tea Party rally on 9-12 this week.

They all are crooks said...

Actually Turner this is one of your better posts. Better as in you actually for once tell the truth. Most of the times it is nothing more than a liberal whine against conservative freedom to not be liberals.

Sure, Blunt is a crook. So is Carnahan. Families of crooked politicians wanting to form a dynasty.

Frankly, the entire System is on the verge of collapse as it is not sustainable. Empires fail because they run out of their founding stock as social policy is diverted to promoting these parasites.

Robin Carnahan is a crook as well. She just hasn't had as big a chance to steal that Blunt has had.

Anonymous said...

to They all are crooks said...

Would you please give some examples of how Robin Carnahan or even of her family are crooks. Why do you call her a crook? What proof do you have? If you cannot you should remove your post.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the truth hurts. He simply isn't honest.
It is unfortunate that too many voters are and will not understand that party labels and straight voting is not in the best interest of good gov't.
I wish more people would read your blog on this issue. And I am a Republican voter.

Anonymous said...

Oh you whining Republican son of a bitches....Blunt's your whore...if it were Bill Clinton you'd be all over this, thinking it was great.

Blunts a low life with no morals what so ever. He's screwed everyone he's ever dealt with including his own xwife, the lady (and I do mean lady) who had and raised his kids, worked her ass off to help put this demon where he is today only to be shoved aside when fresher meat came along -- an easy spread. Nevermind the treason and screwing he's given America.

Its no wonder the kid acted out in a gay way.

Truth is the truth. I didn't hear any threats of leaving the tribe when we were telling the "truth" about Clinton.

You Repo's can dish it out but you can't take it.

Pantywaists. Take yer ol' football and go home.


Anonymous said...

I would always vote against a "dynasty" like the Blunts. If I had a choice. But Carnahans are a dynasty as well, just not very smart. Russ is an embarrassment. Mom Carnahan should have stayed by Mel's graveside. And Robin has been a terrible SOS, even being called out by the Obama DOJ for not removing dead people from voter roles.

Sad. I'm holding my nose and voting for Blunt, who will still - despite faults - hold his own representing Missouri.

JP said...

Wow, you have a lot of liberal bigots that read your blog. Thank you for calling out the worst kind of man and the worst kind of politician.

By the way, I heard your state senators have already voted for secession, but the governor said no.

Anonymous said...

Randy, you forgot to tell some of the best parts of the story.

How Blunt has been voted TWICE as the worst, most corrupt member of Congress in a USA Today poll, and the people voting - were members of Congress! Not only that, but Blunt openly handed out checks on the floor of the Senate to other Senators that had voted for his tobacco legislation, which led to censure. Funny, I don't recall reading any of that in the press, nor did anyone talk at the time of how his new wife was the biggest, most powerful lobbyist on the hill for the tobacco industry. (She has since gone on to switch to lobbying for insurance companies, and we wonder why MO won't expand Medicaid in the state or set up a state exchange so people can actually afford their insurance premiums)

Let's talk about his house. Blunt does not live in MO and has not for years, back circa 2007-2008 he bought a plot of land for $2 million, then turned around and built himself a new house on that plot of land for many more million. So, the conservative voters of the state vote for a many to represent them who does not live here, will never live here, lives in DC in a multi-million dollar mansion, and who doesn't give a rats ass about the constituents he is supposed to represent - and ya'll are getting upset when others call you on your conservative stupidity? Really? BAHAHAHAHAHA

And we can always talk about Matt, and his illegal dealings that led to investigations that in turn led to him throwing in the towel on another run at office. Children only know what they are taught, and in this case, the apple didn't fall very far from the tree.

I am amazed at the complete and total lack of knowledge the voters of this state have when it comes to voting Republican. The Republican Party has been intent on taking every safety net program, your Soc Security, your unemployment, your road funds, and so much, so much more, and you still vote against your own best interests and vote Republican. It's amazing, the cognitive dissonance rampant among the voters - and then you bitch when other people call you on your stupidity.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me when conservatives put their own spin on the facts. Nowhere in this blog did Randy advocate for any candidate. He merely pointed out the hypocrisy of Blunt's claims of living "Missouri values" while committing adultery and lying to his constituents. If you admire those actions because they're committed by a "conservative" then maybe you need to 're-think your moral beliefs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...'s gutter politics. And it's also Roy Blunt. And printing the truth isn't stooping.

Anonymous said...

Because his candidates family isn't screwed up?