Friday, September 10, 2010

Sowers campaign charges Emerson with dodging debates in Kennett, West Plains

Apparently four debates is not enough for Eighth District Congressional candidate Tommy Sowers. Earlier this week, his opponent Republican incumbent Jo Ann Emerson announced the schedule of four debates, but in a news release issued today, the Sowers campaign charges Mrs. Emerson with dodging debates in Kennett and West Plains:

Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson has refused to accept invitations to debate in Kennett and West Plains, which came from VFW Post 5443 in Kennett and the West Plains Daily Quill newspaper. The VFW debate was tentatively scheduled for October 25, and the West Plains debate date had not yet been finalized. Sowers for Congress Campaign Manager Jonathan Feifs commented on the debates:

“We were looking forward to the debates in Kennett and West Plains as a way for voters to hear the truth from the candidates. Emerson would prefer to continue running attack ads with lies instead of answering for her poor voting record on jobs and bailouts. The people of Kennett and West Plains have a right to be upset. Legitimate sponsors want to hold debates, and she doesn’t think it is necessary to be there.”

Tommy Sowers commented:

“The voters of Kennett and West Plains deserve a chance to hear from the candidates. I’ve got a plan for jobs that I’m sharing with voters, and I hoped to share this plan during the debates. If Jo Ann Emerson had a plan for jobs, I think we would have seen it, or the jobs, already.”

Emerson also turned down an invitation to attend a candidate forum in Kennett on September 25 at Abundant Life Church. Sowers for Congress will continue to push for an opportunity to debate in Kennett and West Plains.

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Anonymous said...

Is this the same little Tommy Sowers from the ruling-class family that owned the newswpaper in Rolla for many years?

They had a real creepy fellow, his name was something like maybe Ford, who worked for them for a while who learned to look down his nose at others from the Sowers family.