Thursday, September 09, 2010

Long agrees to three debates

Seventh District Republican Congressional candidate Billy Long has agree to three debates with Democratic opponent Scott Eckersley. From Long's news release:

Republican Seventh District Congressional Nominee Billy Long has agreed to three more debates/forums before the general election.
 “I’m pleased that voters will have an opportunity to hear about real issues,” said Long. “I am fed up with Washington.  We need to get our country back on the right track and stop Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.”
 The one-hour debates/forums agreed to are sponsored by:
 KSNF - Joplin. October 6th.
KWTO- Springfield. October 7th.
The Young Conservatives-Springfield. October 19th.
The final start times and rules have yet to be determined.
Long participated in 17 forums or debates in the primary, including three with Scott Eckersl


Busplunge said...

Eckersley proposes 10 courthouse debates.

Long accepts then changes his mind and proposes 3 debates.

In negotiations, this is called a counter-offer.

Anonymous said...

Is the KSNF Debate really their's in Joplin or a re-broadcast of their sister station in Springfield?

Anonymous said...

The counter-offer at Grants Beach Park was, "You're under arrest."

Anonymous said...

It is really Joplin/KSNF/KODE's. It will be held at Joplin High School.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see their production of this local event. Good for them. If they do as good a job as they do on their LIVE Breaking News events from advertisers businesses having a sale or waxing Gary Bandy's eyebrows, it should be compelling Television. I thought the 5pm LIVE performance not only waxing Gary's eyebrows but painting at least one nail was rivetting. Maybe Award Winning.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least your watching.

Anonymous said...

Long is a lightweight wimp.

Perfect for Congress.