Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Billy Long: I dozed off during the State of the Union

Seventh District Congressman Billy Long, R-Springfield, offered the following tweet giving his reaction to President Barack Obama's State of the Union message:

Dozed off during because I dreamed the King of Spending & Stimulus compared himself 2 Lincoln on only doing 4 folks what they can't do


Anonymous said...

Long "dozed off?" He can't stay awake to listen to the cogent comments of the President of the United States? I notice Eric Cantor and Boehner looked strangely subdued. Maybe they see the handwriting on the wall: Newt has more baggage than a freight train and flip-floppin' Mitt is soon to be exposed as a tax-dodging one percenter! But Obama is a caring family man. Billy Long sleeps. I think that pretty much tells the story!

Anonymous said...

The US constitution requires the president give to congress information about the state of the union. Mr. Long, our elected representative, finds it necessary to sleep while being paid by his constituents to attend this constitutionally mandated event. Since he is a Tea Party Republican I was under the impression he respected the US Constitution and was critical of those who did not. It seems that Mr. Long is a hypocrite and holds others to a higher standard than he requires of himself. That's not all. He even brags about these FACTS.

In summation; Mr. Long you should have kept your day job as you suck at being a politician.