Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joplin's Humphreys family gives half million to embattled Wisconsin governor

St. Louis Beacon reports that $500,000 of the money Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has received to fight his upcoming recall vote has come from two members of Joplin's Humphreys family, owners of TAMKO.

The article indicates that both David Humphreys and his sister, Susan Atkins, contributed $250,000 to Walker, who has been in the headlines for the past year for his attempts to break unions in Wisconsin, including teacher unions.

An additional $250,000 came from Stanley Herzog of Herzog Contracting, St. Joseph. Since Walker has raised approximately $2.4 million, that means approximately 30 percent of his financial support is coming from the Show-Me State.

And since the Humphreys family and Herzog haven't been shy about pouring their money into Missouri politics, is it any wonder that we have so many anti-union bills presented each year?


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder how a half million dollars spread out to his workers would stimulate the economy? He would not have to worry about a union if he was paying that kind of money to his employees. Everyone is entitled to spend their money how they want but you just have to wonder.

Anonymous said...

It's his money,how many jobs have you created?

Anonymous said...

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